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Saturday, August 14, 2010

She said: Replace the desserts with the soups...I said: No comprendo ingles.

"My favorite liquid diet now is mashed potatoes and gravy in a blender, maple syrup and a 40 oz Bud light".
this is part of my comedy act. so you can imagine how hard it is to give up the bad stuff and embark in a vegan adventure. i get an email from nadia today, she tells me i should start replacing one of my daily desserts for a soup. i'm like "i don't think i can transition from dessert to soup at this time."...ok, it was more like "hell no!!" what is a girl with a sweet tooth to do when she hears this? she does the right thing: she goes to the pantry and grabs some corn chips.
so i've been craving red meat. eventually i will incorporate some organic meats to my diet but right now i just wanna get my health on track by shocking my body with a lot of good stuff.


Food of the Day-:

Asparagus: “Asparagus juice helps to break up oxalic acid crystals in the kidneys and muscular system, thus good for the pain of rheumatism and arthritis. Reduces kidney stones.”

Source: Sandra Cabot MD

Thought of the day:

Your only limitations are those you set up in your mind or permit others to set up for you.”

-Napoleon Hill


  1. One of your daily desserts? Exactly how many daily desserts do you eat?

  2. I was eating 2 a lieu of lunch and know I'm good at cheating! (Kristie is the BEST personal trainer, btw!) :)