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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Carnivore or grass eater?

i have received great, supportive emails from the people who received my august newsletter! first of all, i wanna let you know that the reason i'm doing this "vegan experiment" is not only for myself but to help and inspire others to improve their health by choosing better foods. second, i'm not planning to go 100% vegan. i'm from argentina, a red meat country. i grew up eating steak every day! so what i want to do and inspire others to do, is to start incorporating more raw vegan & vegan dishes into their diet. to help you do this, i'll be blogging easy, yummy recipes. i will also pick a food of the day" and let you know how it helps your health if you eat it raw. that way you can try them out and start incorporating a healthier diet step by step...
oh! the reason i'm going 100% vegan for a period of time is cause i'm a nut!
i'm picking up my food on farewell to meats consists of ...eating a lot of it! :)
happy eating!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Food choice ratings :)

today, i met with the nutritionist again. she gave me a great list with 3 choices of food: my choice, better choice and best choice. for example: on my choice of beef/chicken/turkey, the better choice is organic tempeh, organic sprouted tofu and freshly cooked lentils/beans. the best choice is in crease amount of vegetables (she put a smiley face here cause mamma ain't too fond of the greens...) like grilled/ steamed zucchini. she also gave me some recipes that i will start posting as soon as i try them! hank is in on this so i got his back. and his cooking....keeper! :)
check out rod rotondi's restaurant. he's providing the food for this experiment! i'm a huge fan of his cuisine and he truly believes in improving people's lives thru food. check him out! LEAF ORGANICS
his book is incredible if you want great raw vegan recipes. delish!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Meeting with the nutritionist

i met with the nutritionist today....(pic above) she gave me lots of pointers. what stood out for me was the fact that raw vegan food is good for you because your body recognizes the food that comes from nature. the body doesn't recognize processed food with chemicals and toxins so it doesn't know how to use them. so what does the body do? it stores them! yikes! we're like a junkyard!
she's gonna design a plan for me and give me some easy, healthy recipes. i'm gonna post them as soon as i get them. :)
here's the nutritionist info! she's very knowledgeable and caring -
nadia arevalo

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Getting Closer :)

hank (my man) and i stopped at LEAF to drop off the questionnaire for the nutritionist. now rod rotondi, leaf's owner and most amazing chef i ever met, makes the most AMAZING vegan desserts you'll ever eat. just look at the picture on top of my page....hank and i were getting attention cause we were having a food porn moment. tomorrow, i'm meeting with the nutritionist so we can design the food program.....stay tuned!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Filling out the Forms!

so i just got an email from rod rotondi, the owner of leaf organics in culver city, CA, asking me to fill out the forms for his nutritionist so she can design a meal plan that will help me level my blood sugar.....she's asking me a lot of personal questions! we're getting started next wednesday. woohoo! the countdown begins! will eating only veggies, fruits and nuts turn me into a tree? stay tuned!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The plan

well, today i had a very successful business meeting at my friend rod rotondi's vegan restaurant "leaf". he just re decorated and it looks amazing! rod and moi are going on a food adventure. he's the provider and i'm the consumer. see, i have hypoglycemia which means my sugar level drops dramatically after a sugar high (that damn ice cream!) or strenuous exercise. rod's nutritionist will design a vegan meal plan to improve my sugar levels. and rod will cook the meals.
now, i'm a burger, chili fries, cheesecake kinda girl so....this not only will be a challenge to my blood sugar but also to my palate. i will blog my progress as far as sugar levels and weight (hopefully LOSS!) and the challenges i face being on the road as a comedian and actress. will i stick to it or cheat...a lot?