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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Focusing on the past and the future!

let me explain....i'm focusing on the "past" so i can to enjoy the 15 pounds i lost since i started in november. i know, it's not as fast as i'd want it either but instead of thinking that way, i have to focus on how much i lost. i'm 15 pounds lighter and i feel sooo much better! so i have 15 to go...that's the other focus, the "future", the goal. focus on the prize: in a few months i'll be 30 pounds lighter.
there's lots of temptations along the way. like yesterday, i succumbed to cheese and frozen yogurt. why? cause it was there. i was at a storysalon event reading my pieces and they had wine and cheese...i mean, good cheese. then hank went next door and bought a huge cup of frozen yogurt @ froyolife...and i had no choice but to steal some...ok, a lot. so today, i'll work out a little harder and hope those extra calories get burned instead of settling on my thighs, like they usually do.
live and learn, right?. my relationship with food will always be dysfunctional, all i can do is forgive myself, move on and focus on my good choices.


Grapes: “Provides a quick boost of energy. Helps in anemia and blood disorders. Improves the complexion.”

Source: Sandra Cabot MD

“Resistance. Don’t surrender to your fears. Be a fighter."

Ron Ball


Olive Tapenade

½ cup black olives

½ cup green olives

1 clove garlic

1 tsp lemon juice

2 TBSP olive oil

Blackpepper TT

Put in blender and chop into small chucks.

Chocolate Dream

1 whole Coconut Water

1 whole coconut meat

½ TBSP Raw cacao powder

handful of romaine lettuce/spinach

cinnamon TT

dash sea salt

Blend and enjoy!