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Sunday, August 15, 2010

One word....MOOOOO!!!....oops!

i haven't had any meat in the last 2 weeks. we went to see a musician friend play and we were hungry after the show. there's something about rock 'n roll that makes you feel like a rebel. so i rebelled against the vegan gods: i decided to eat meat.
on this journey, i'm trying to find out what works for ME. there's a lot of colors in the food spectrum. most of us are in the grey area. we want to eat healthy, yet there are some things we will never give up. for me, meat is one of them.
so this whole food adventure is for me to learn to incorporate healthier meals into my diet. it's not about being 100% vegan. last nite was a perfect example of you can have your cake and eat it too! i found out that once a week, i'm gonna eat meat.
like my friend rod rotondi says:
love your food,
love your planet,
love your Selves.


Food of the Day:

Avocado: “Excellent nutritional food containing plentiful amounts of beneficial oil, vitamins and minerals. Helpful for peptic ulcers and inflammation of digestive system.”

Source: Sandra Cabot MD

Thought of the day: “No one is ready for a thing until he BELIEVES he can acquire it.”

- Napoleon Hill


  1. You can decide to eat what you like but being your friend and trainer, I can't let you off that easy. Pack Snacks! Have them everywhere! When you are out and about that's when the munchies attack and you've got to prepare for battle, sis. Keep fruit, nuts and any other raw snacks around. You can do it! xoxo

  2. Thanks Kristie! I did follow your advice and now I have a cooler with snacks. I never leave home without it!