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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Work it in 2011!

it's been a whole month, bloggy blog! i've been doing jenny craig, lost 10 pounds so far. well, it wasn't just jc, i changed my workout. having been a pro athlete, i know all the tricks to getting slim fast. here are some tips:
1- do interval training ie 2 minutes fast, 1 minute slow. this way you burn more calories in half the time of a long, steady paced workout.
2- stretch before and after your workout.
3- stay hydrated
4- go hiking with a friend once a week, it makes your workout more fun (and you can catch up with your friends!)
5-do a fun class once a week like hip hop, belly dancing. if you suck at it, laugh at yourself. (laughing burns even more calories)
as far as my eating habits, i'm re-learning to eat smaller portions by eating slower and enjoying the tiny jc portions.


FOOD OF THE DAY: Dandelion: Cleanses the liver and biliary system. Stimulates the flow of bile and is useful in all liver complaints. Is also a blood builder. Helpful in eczema and constipation.

Source: Sandra Cabot MD

THOUGHT OF THE DAY: “Be in partnership with reality. Don’t resist. Ask what will it take? and be willing to do it with an embracing attitude!”

-Ron Ball


1. Have a good stock in the refrigerator and pantry. Have a variety of vegetables in the refrigerator. You may want them prepared, washed or chopped so they’re easier to prepare if you want. If you have a favorite vegetable, buy more of it. You know you like it, so you’re going to finish it anyway. Make an extra day or two worth of rice, quinoa, whole wheat pasta, salad, chicken, beans, lentils, boiled eggs, so you don’t have to grab a sweet. (If you do have a sweet tooth, try a peeled raw yam with coconut butter. Yum!)

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