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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Meeting with the nutritionist

i met with the nutritionist today....(pic above) she gave me lots of pointers. what stood out for me was the fact that raw vegan food is good for you because your body recognizes the food that comes from nature. the body doesn't recognize processed food with chemicals and toxins so it doesn't know how to use them. so what does the body do? it stores them! yikes! we're like a junkyard!
she's gonna design a plan for me and give me some easy, healthy recipes. i'm gonna post them as soon as i get them. :)
here's the nutritionist info! she's very knowledgeable and caring -
nadia arevalo


  1. Hello!
    Looking forward to assisting Grace with her new adventure :) incorporting more raw vegan foods to her diet! We'll be doing pantry re-stock, menu planning, healthier recipes, shopping at farmer's markets and incorporting meals and drinks from Leaf Organics restaurant.

    That's right... toxins and chemicals are so embedded in our daily consumption that, in many cases, making just a few changes increases the vibration of your life.

    Holistic Nutritionist

  2. Tip: Today research is emphazing to buy local/organic produce to limit the amount of toxic load we consume from pesticides. Be sure to buy these top "dirty dozen" foods organic :)

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