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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Food choice ratings :)

today, i met with the nutritionist again. she gave me a great list with 3 choices of food: my choice, better choice and best choice. for example: on my choice of beef/chicken/turkey, the better choice is organic tempeh, organic sprouted tofu and freshly cooked lentils/beans. the best choice is in crease amount of vegetables (she put a smiley face here cause mamma ain't too fond of the greens...) like grilled/ steamed zucchini. she also gave me some recipes that i will start posting as soon as i try them! hank is in on this so i got his back. and his cooking....keeper! :)
check out rod rotondi's restaurant. he's providing the food for this experiment! i'm a huge fan of his cuisine and he truly believes in improving people's lives thru food. check him out! LEAF ORGANICS
his book is incredible if you want great raw vegan recipes. delish!!

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