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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Carnivore or grass eater?

i have received great, supportive emails from the people who received my august newsletter! first of all, i wanna let you know that the reason i'm doing this "vegan experiment" is not only for myself but to help and inspire others to improve their health by choosing better foods. second, i'm not planning to go 100% vegan. i'm from argentina, a red meat country. i grew up eating steak every day! so what i want to do and inspire others to do, is to start incorporating more raw vegan & vegan dishes into their diet. to help you do this, i'll be blogging easy, yummy recipes. i will also pick a food of the day" and let you know how it helps your health if you eat it raw. that way you can try them out and start incorporating a healthier diet step by step...
oh! the reason i'm going 100% vegan for a period of time is cause i'm a nut!
i'm picking up my food on farewell to meats consists of ...eating a lot of it! :)
happy eating!


  1. Eating vegan means no animal products- no dairy, meats, seafood and even honey. The key to eating a balanced vegan diet is a variety in fresh vegetables, fruits, raw nuts/seeds, whole grains (brown rice) and legumes (beans/lentils). Being creative with different flavors and textures of foods will help you look forward to eating and opens up your appetite :) Easy recipes are soon to follow....

  2. Tip: If you should eat meat, look for grass-fed and antibiotic-free cows from your health food store or farmer. Grass-fed beef is higher in the essential fat omega-3. And avoiding antibiotics in your meat will make you less resistant to antibiotics.