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Friday, April 22, 2011

Sticking to it on the set!

i had 3 tapings this week, with catered GOOD, FATTY food....tough 3 shoots! my plan this week is to stick to my jenny craig program to the T, no matter what the temptations may be! (i rhymed it by accident...)
i'm on the first morning shoot, @ the catering table in front of one of my fave food group: bagel with cream cheese. i'm asking myself the oldest question in the world: is it worth getting thicker thighs for? you know the answer is "hell yes!". that's what the lil she devil on my left side yelled. the lil angel on my right was quick to rebuff her: "do you remember 15 pounds ago when you didn't fit in your fat pants?" the pictures of me struggling to zip up my fat pants stops me dead on my tracks. i see some big, red strawberries next to the bagel....what to do?....strawberries are so good....but the bagel, yum, with cream cheese!...fat pants-skinny right hand makes a move...towards the strawberries! TA DA! the lil angel on the right won this battle. now off to the next set.....where the battle starts again. thank God the lil angel won one more time. the battle of the food angels continues...stay tuned for more challenges!


#6: Honeydew melon: “Excellent diuretic properties. Useful for kidney and bladder problems. Reduces rheumatic and skin conditions.”

Source: Sandra Cabot MD

“Replacement. Memorize quotes that thrill your soul and lift your heart."

Ron Ball


1. -Bring your snacks and meals when on the go. If you know you’re going to leave early the next morning, the night before you should prepare your lunch and snacks. Then in the morning you place a bag or cooler. Surround yourself with foods you want to eat. The main way is to bring your own food. And purified water! Take 3-4 bottles for the day.

2. -Don’t buy food you’ll feel guilty of bringing home. You have the control of what you can bring in your house. Once you’re at home you have no choice, but to eat the good stuff J You may feel less guilty of buying a high priced ready-prepared salad, than a less expensive dessert, because you know you are doing your body good!

3. -Location, location, location. When traveling ask and look for vegetarian restaurants, Trader Joes, farmer’s markets, and Whole Foods Markets. In the beginning, it’s important to surround yourself with the foods you want to eat. On the road, buy food at the supermarkets. Nowadays, many contain an organic produce section. Buy avocados, sprouts, raw nuts, organic salad mixes, olive oil, organic dried fruit, coconut water, etc.

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